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About Me

Hi there! I'm Isabelle Bianca Sampaio, a seasoned lawyer from Brazil with over 20 years of professional practice, providing services to various industries and accumulating valuable insights and expertise.

In addition to my legal background, I hold a Master's degree in Management - Integrated Business from the University of Central Florida, providing me with a well-rounded understanding of business operations.


Fueled by my passion for uncovering insights, I am currently transitioning into the role of a Research Analyst. As a seasoned legal professional entering the realms of research and data analytics, I offer a unique perspective to unlock an organization's potential, bridging the gap between the legal world and data-driven solutions.


My journey has led to the creation of DATABLOSSOM, a legally registered entity ready to provide top-notch services in research analysis. At DataBlossom, our mission is to cultivate the full potential within data, leveraging cutting-edge research analysis to empower businesses through actionable research, intelligence, and well-informed decision-making.

If you're seeking customized solutions that combine legal expertise with data-driven strategies, you're in the right place. Let's explore how we can address your organization's needs together! Feel free to reach out.

Click the button below to discover more about my extensive professional experience over the years.

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